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FLSmidth Krebs NEW millMAX Belt Tensioning System and Slide Base Back Pullout System

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FLSmidth Krebs NEW millMAXTM Belt Tensioning System:
designed for a fast and safe change out of v-belt drives.

  • Belts can be easily re-tensioned or replaced to maximize the mount of time it takes to maintain the drive.
  • The patented system allows for the use of a hydraulic ram to raise and lower the overhead motor mount system.
  • The patented system is currently available for millMAX pumps direct overhead drive arrangements.


  millmax belt tension

 mm belt tension    
 Belt Tensioning
System Brochure
   Belt Tensioning Video


View our millMAX Slide Base Back Pullout System click on Tab on the left.

Save Time and Money with a millMAXTM Slide Base Back Pullout System
Designed to make quick work of replacing impeller, wear ring or other wet end parts.


  • Easily change out wet end wear components
  • Suction piping does not have to be removed at any time to maintain wet end parts
  • Less downtime
  • Less time on maintenance, less maintenance costs


Robust supports safely hold the suction side in place, eliminating the need to remove the suction pipe to maintain the pump.

This is a ONE PERSON Process!  A hydraulic ram is used to allow just one person to safely and quickly slide the base back and forth.


           TH SLIDE BASE
 Slide Base Back Pullout Brochure    

 Slide Base Video

View our millMAX Belt Tensioning System click on Tab on the left.

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