FLSmidth supplies Sheaves of every description to installations all around the world.

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Head & Deflection Sheaves

Our Sheaves can be designed with split-type or segmented construction for ease of handling and installation in limited space. Alternative designs include unlined, steel-lined and polyurethane-lined to satisfy all applications and conditions.

Compensating Sheaves

FLSmidth's 15-ft diameter Compensating Sheaves are among the first, and are the largest supplied for a "Blair" type Hoist Application. The Blair arrangement uses two sheaves side by side, for two connections to the skip or cage. This provides deep hoisting capability with two ropes, thus eliminating the requirement for a safety mechanism and wooden guides. Economical rope guides can instead be used. Our Compensating Sheaves ensure hoist rope tensions and lengths are equally maintained via our supply of load cells and hydraulic power package.

Mine Shaft Systems Overview Brochure
(see pages 16-17 for more information on Sheaves)