Mine Haulage Cars

FLSmidth produces mine haulage cars for all types of mining requirements: Ore cars, Transfer cars, Personnel cars, Explosive cars, Zimmerman timber cars.

Mine Car
  • Mine Haulage Cars
  • Arc-Flow - Bottom Dump Cars are available in capacities from 70 cu. ft. to 350 cubic feet. When arranged with overlapping ends for continuous loading and ramp dumping, the ARC-Flow car train becomes an ideal application for semi or fully automatic haulage systems.
  • The Canadian Granby - Ranging from 40 to 300 cubic feet capacities these cars handle mining production, waste haulage and in some cases, back fill.
  • Gable Bottom - Muck that has been proven impossible to discharge from conventional mine cars can be handled efficiently in the long, double-door Gable Bottom mine car.
  • Tipple - Available in capacities from 100 cubic feet up and designs can range from a simple tub to literal "battleships". They can be supplied with car feeding and stopping equipment.
  • Grangesberg - This haulage system was created in Sweden and incorporates a bottom dump system permitting unrestricted material discharge.
  • Rocker Dump - Available in capacities from 10 to 60 cubic feet and used for development and production haulage underground.
  • Scraper & Slusher Trains - suited for development drives and tunnel projects
  • Double-Door Bottom Dump - High capacity main haulage cars for continuous loading and bottom dumping
  • Man Coaches - Capacities ranging from four to forty men offering maximum protection and as much comfort as possible.
  • Zimmerman Timber Cage Cars - To handle materials from 8 to 22 feet long and can be used in installations where hoisting capacity is limited.
  • Also available - Shuttle Cars, Transfer Cars, Service Cars, Couplers, Impact Protection, Suspension and Wheels.


Mine Shaft Systems Overview Brochure
(see pages 22-23 for more information on Mine Haulage Equipment)