SuperCell Flotation Machine

Large flotation cells up to 660 m³ capacity.

350m3 SuperCell flotation unit
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SuperCell Overview

FLSmidth now supplies the 300-660m3 SuperCell™ flotation cell which is the largest operating flotation cell in the world. With proven performance in hydrodynamics, metallurgy, and mechanical reliability, FLSmidth is your One Source for superior flotation technology.

FLSmidth SuperCells use a universal tank that can be fitted with any of the three types of mechanisms manufactured by FLSmidth. This gives you flexibility in using one consistent tank that can use interchangeable mechanisms depending on the type of particles (coarse or fine) that are being fed into the flotation cell.

The universal tank accepts both naturally aspirated and forced-air technologies with up to a 660 m3 capacity.

SuperCell Universal Tank

Features & Benefits

The SuperCells are being proven to reduce operating costs as a result of better recoveries and more energy efficiency. In the molybdenum concentrator, it recovers fines lost by conventional flotation cells.

SuperCell benefits include:

  • Increased recovery of finest particles fractions
  • Reduced gas, energy and water consumption 
  • Less wear and tear


Flotation Froth


WEMCO Mechanisms

WEMCO Mechanism


The WEMCO® naturally-aspirated aeration mechanism has been proven in thousands of installations worldwide. There are more WEMCO mechanism driven flotation cells installed globally than any other mechanism. Its massive cast-iron bearing housing maintains accurate shaft alignment under all loads and moments, ensuring long service life. Induced air flow provides sufficient aeration, mechanical simplicity and capital economy.

WEMCO mechanisms are being utilized in SuperCell™ universal tanks which currently range in capacity sizes from 300m³ to 350m³.

The Wemco rotor is positioned higher in the flotation tank resulting in the following advantages:

  • Shorter froth travel distance for improved coarse particle recovery 
  • Reduced maintenance and greater availability
    • Rotor is positioned near the top of the cell resulting in less wear 
    • Reversing and inverting rotor extends life 
    • Mechanisms can be changed without shutting down or draining the row of cells
    • No blower and associated air piping is required.

    Dorr-Oliver Mechanisms

    Dorr-Oliver Mechanism


    Dorr-Oliver Forced-Air Flotation mechanisms feature:

    • Non-clogging low maintenance design rotor.
    • High air dispersion capability – High shear rotor–stator combination gives a wider range of airflow adjustment than competitive systems and results in greater control of the flotation process.
    • Easy restarting mechanisms – Overhung stator design and the vortex rotor profile keeps the pumping channels free of settled solids.
    • Low reagent costs – Air is a natural reagent in the flotation process. Having a wide air dispersion capability permits tuning your flotation plant to the optimum value for your process.


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