SAGwise™ total process control

Automatically minimise liner damage and power consumption, stabilise mill operations, and maximise production and efficiency with SAGwise™ total process control.

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Enhance mill performance and extend the operational life of SAG mills

Through specially designed acoustic sensors and proprietary process control software, high-energy impacts generated inside SAG mills are monitored and interpreted so that undesirable impacts caused by steel balls striking the mill liners, which are categorized as critical impacts, are reduced. SAGwise™ total process control is a solution that combines acoustic sensors and process control techniques to minimise liner damage, stabilise and then optimise the operation of a SAG mill.

 The main objectives of SAGwise™ total process control are:

  • Equipment protection by preventing undesirable impacts from the mill charge
  • Increased energy efficiency, leading to higher production through maximum impact energy that converts to reduced ore
  • Reduced operational costs by increasing liner life and reducing grinding media consumption



A solution for unstable grinding circuit operations and processes that result in poor plant performance

The SAGwise™ total process control system solution improves mill circuit grinding efficiency, resulting in improved energy consumption and throughput. Improved circuit operation together with increased equipment protection serves to reduce plant downtime, all of which enhances plant profitability.

Parameters monitored

  • Mill power consumption
  • Load impacts
  • Mill load
  • Pulp density

Parameters controlled

  • Feed rate
  • Mill speed
  • Mill water

A lower total cost of ownership

SAGwise total process control delivers a lower total cost of ownership through:

  • Optimising your plant’s power efficiency, reducing power usage by up to 6% consumption
  • Increasing production by up to 6%
  • Decreasing critical impacts by up to 45%
  • Reduce process variability by up to 30%
  • Minimising liner damage and preserving media and liner life
  • Reduce ball consumption
  • Minimised downtime
  • Get the full return on your investment in under six months


Reducing control challenges

A conventional control solution with PID loops is insufficient to obtain the lowest possible power consumption, maximum production and greatest quality control.


Process delays, such as material transportation, cannot be handled well by PIDs, affecting the process stability. When operators make adjustments – whether to the mill speed, pumps, water intake or fresh feed – they often choose conservative parameters due to their inability to analyze the multiple input and output control requirements quickly enough on a consistent basis.


The SAGwise™ total process control system monitors operational and process conditions and makes constant automatic adjustments that stabilise the process flow, balance the load of the circuit and protect equipment – all while ensuring the circuit delivers a product that matches the required quality. This is accomplished by combining acoustic sensors with advanced process control techniques.


The result is precisely what you hope to achieve with your SAG mill optimisation efforts: not only higher production and optimal energy use – but, ultimately, enhanced performance for your entire plant.

SAGwise™ Animation and Brochure


SAGwise™ total process control brochure