Dorr-Oliver Hydroseparator

The Dorr-Oliver heavy-duty hydroseparator for separation solids into fine and coarse fractions

  • Application

FLSmidth's Dorr-Oliver® Hydroseparator is used in a wide range of separations and classifications where a large pool area is required, and the oversize or coarse fraction does not have to be thoroughly dewatered or washed in one operation such as in the clay, phosphate, iron ore, steel, coal, copper, sand, potash and cement industries.


Feed enters through a submerged feed well at the centre; fine suspended solids are collected in a peripheral launder round the outside top of the tank; the coarse, settled solids are swept to the centre by revolving rakes, and are removed through a discharge cone in the tank bottom.

Diameter: up to 30 m

Description: A heavy duty thickener which separates solids into fine and coarse fractions in the 5 to 210 micron ranges

Drive Mechanism: Either Type A or Type S thickener drive mechanism