EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickeners

Optimized flocculation and deep solids compression provide paste consistency underflow and higher process rates.

Deep Cone Thickener
  • EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickeners

Proven Design

EIMCO® Deep Cone® Paste Thickeners combine a proven system for optimizing flocculation with deep tankage designed to allow maximum gravity compression of inventoried solids. The result is a dramatic reduction in the surface area required for many mineral and industrial thickeners and a substantial increase in underflow solids concentration. Settled solids can be brought to a density approaching consolidation and discharged at high viscosity.

FLSmidth Minerals has already sold over 120 EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickeners to 44 worldwide operating sites!

Features & Benefits

  • Paste underflow - Underflow can be stacked without pond - Underflow can be back filled without loss of fines
  • High Density underflow - Improved chemical recovery in CCD circuits - Higher water recovery
  • Expert control available - provides round-the-clock system optimization
  • Applications - Coarse or fine tails - CCD Circuits - superior washing - Base metals - Phosphate slimes - Kimberlite (Diamond) slimes - Uranium slimes - Surface stacking and water recovery