Coking Plant Technology

Higher density, optimized coke quality

FLSmidth Coknig Technology
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Through the acquisition of the former Saarberg AG in May 2000, FLSmidth gained more than 30 years of know-how in the design and construction of coking plant facilities. With its proven KOCH Technology, FLSmidth has designed and built the first 6.25 m high stamp charged coke oven battery worldwide.

FLSmidth offers the following two types of Stamp-Charging Systems:

  • Combined Machines (SCP) 
  • Stationary Stamping Systems

Your benefits using the Stamping Technology: Coke causes up to 50% of the costs during the pig iron production. The cost effective production of high quality coke is thus of prime importance for the competitive ability of the iron producing industry. The stamp charging technology offers a considerable potential for reducing costs during the coke production: It enables the economical production of high- and constant quality coke, also from high volatile and low-quality coal. Even petrol coke and coke dust can be utilized. During the stamp charging process the coal is stamped outside the coke oven, into a single „briquette“ (coal cake), having almost the same dimensions as the oven chamber. This coal cake reaches a density of up to 1.15 t/m³ (on wet coal basis with 10% water) – about 30% more than with the loose coal-charge during conventional top charging systems.


  • Coke Quality (CSR, CRI) has improved remarkable 
  • Cost effective: Stamp Charged Coke is about 35 % cheaper than Top Charged Coke 
  • Improvement of yield of Blast Furnace Sized Coke 
  • Improvement of Blast Furnace Productivity


Other Features

  • Pushing, Charging and Travelling device (VVVF driven) 
  • Emergency drives for charging & pushing drives
  • Mechanical door and door frame cleaner 
  • Compressed air system for degraphitising of oven walls, oven roof and blowing of ascension pipes 
  • Centralised and fully automatically operated lubrication system 
  • Compressive force measurement during the pushing process 
  • Charging force measurement  

Coking Plant Technology


Control system with following operation mode

  • Full-Automatic mode (Man-Less mode is possible) 
  • Semi-Automatic mode 
  • Repair & Maintenance mode 
  • Automatic positioning system with accuracy better than +/- 5 mm. 
  • Hydraulic cylinders are equipped with distance measurement systems

Combined Machines for Stamping, Charging and Pushing (SCP)

Stamp charging with Stamping-Charging-Pushing-Machines, mainly used outside of the P.R. China (SCP machines). Coal feeding as well as stamping of the coal cake can be done at any position in front of the coke oven battery. Being part of a global company the Coking Plant business has gained the advantage of the financial means to invest in R&D. This has enabled us to design and build the first 6.25 m high stamp charged coke oven battery worldwide.


Technical data of Stationary Stamping System for 5.5 m coke oven height

  • 2 stamping lines with 5 stamping cars each are arranged in the coal tower 
  • This 2 stamping lines can produce 1 million tons of coke per year 
  • Single hammer weight is approx. 380 kg 
  • Drive system equipped with frequency converters 
  • Each stamping car has its own hydraulic and lubrication system 
  • Full automatic mode and interlocking devices with charging car and coal feeding system assure proper function of the stamping system 
  • Electric switch gear and the automation
Stationaty Stamping Station