Rope Attachments

FLSmidth offers the Rope Attachments you need in your Underground Mining operations

Hydraulical Linkage
  • Fine Adjustment Hydraulic Linkage
  • Sockets
  • Thimble Cappels and Clamps

Fine Adjustment Linkage is primarily used in friction hoisting setups. The linkage allows fine adjustment so all ropes in a muti-rope arrangement are equally tensioned and therefore working together which in turn greatly extends rope life.


Hydraulic Linkage


Hydraulic Linkage

Hydraulic Linkage Carts

Hydraulic Linkage Cart


Hydraulic Linkage

Sockets are used on a variety of applications including Hoist, Balance, Guide and Sinking Ropes.

The Socket attachment offers a safe, economical connection and can be installed with either the quick and efficient Wirelock Resin or Zinc.

With special Threaded STT and STJ Type Sockets, a wide range of Jaw or Tang ends can be made to suit most required connections without a Link Plate.

Our standard SJ (non-threaded) Sockets normally require an Adapter Link Plate, adding both cost and bulk but are preferred in some installations.

All Sockets are designed with a minimum of 10:1 Factor of Safety, Proof Load Tested to 2 ½ times Safe Working Load, Ultrasonically and Wet Magnetic Particle Inspected. All meet or exceed National Coal Board Standards.

Sockets are customer designed to suit customer needs.

Hoist Rope & Sinking Sockets

Thimble Type Cappel
Thimble Cappels are used in single and multi-hoist applications.

Solid Thimble & Clamps
Solid Thimble and U-Bold Clamps are used with either Round Strand Hoist or Balance Rope connections

Solid Thimble