Steep Angle Conveyors

Corrugated Sidewall Pocket Belts for High Angle Applications

Steep Angle Conveyor and Walkway Gold Mine Australia
  • The Concept
  • Load-Lift-Discharge

From Horizontal to 90 Degree Vertical Lift

FLSmidth's Steep Angle Conveyors are not limited to 15 or 20 degrees inclination like a conventional in-plant belt conveyor.  They can lift the material from zero degrees horizontal to 90 degrees vertical.  In vertical applications the belt can even twist and discharge the material in a different direction.  Urethane Cleats or pockets carry the material between special corrugated sidewalls.  The specially designed reinforced belt has extra cross rigidity that is necessary on the return side.

In 1988 FLSmidth provided some of the first steep angle conveyors ever designed and installed in North America for large mining projects.  We have continued to develop this technology to meet the challenges of higher tonnage and higher lift applications.

Loading and Up Turn Area

The loading area incorporates a special design since a skirtboard used on a conventional troughed belt conveyor will not work with a corrugated sidewall belt.

The up turn wheels redirect and guide the belt into the incline section.



Incline and Walkway Section

For less than 90 degree vertical lift applications, special idlers support the carrying side of the belt.  Because of their cantilevered design, Stub idlers on the return side must be extra heavy duty.  The walkway design is critical for good maintenance access.  For 90 degree vertical lift applications, support idlers and walkways may not be required at all.  Since the walkway may cost as much as the conveyor, a vertical conveyor may be worth considering for your application.