Drag Chain Conveyor

The Multi-Functional, Modular System

Drag Chain Conveyor
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FLSmidth’s successful KOCH MVT TKF Drag Chain Conveyor system for economic enclosed conveying of all kinds of bulk materials has over 6,000 installed conveyors worldwide.

FLSmidth TKF drag chain conveyors can be used to transport any type of bulk material safely, gently, with all-round protection and with minimum space requirements. They can transport coal, sorted domestic waste, sewage sludge, filter dust, fly ash, wood chips, cement, clinker, limestone, biomass or alternative fuels. .

FLSmidth TKF drag chain conveyors are characterized by their flexibility, their high operational reliability, cost effectiveness and their peak performance – conveying distances of up to 70 metres, handling rates of up to 1000 m3/h or product temperatures of up to 1,000°C. FLSmidth continues to hold a significant design advantage through innovations, such as the twin conveyor with an outstanding handling rate while requiring minimal space, and over 50 years of experience in the transport of bulk goods.



FLSmidth TKF – Convincing Transport Solutions:

  • Minimum space requirements and high handling rates
  • Safe transport, odor-free and environmentally friendly, by fully enclosed housings
  • Flexible solutions for each application
  • High operational reliability, long service life


Multi-Functional Components
There are two basic design types for the FLSmidth multifunctional range of drag chain conveyors:

  • Type H with horizontal arrangement
  • Type V with vertical arrangement up to 90°


Based on these two design types, we design and construct conveyors and conveying systems for almost any application with a multitude of individual components: 

  • Horizontal and vertical circular conveyors 
  • Extracting conveyors 
  • Filter conveyors 
  • Cooling conveyors 
  • Submerged scraper conveyors and ash removal systems
  • Sedimentation TKF 
  • Sludge conveyors
  • Mill feeders