MAAG KA and KB Transmission Gears

MAAG KA and KB transmission gear units for belt conveyors in the mining industry.

KA in use
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Technical Data

Bevel-cylindrical transmission gear units type KA or KB are designed for torque transmission from the electric drive motor to the conveyor shaft (usually of belt type). They are installed in brown and hard coal mines, copper and sulphur mines, and in other general purposes. Design and manufacturing of these gear units are based on our long experience in developing industrial gears. 

Manufacturing Quality
To manufacture the KA/KB transmission gear units, the latest achievements in heat-treatment and teeth machining are used. Precise machines in connection with control processes ensure that rotors and casings are always on the highest quality level. With this we ensure that technical assumptions are met every time, providing optimal quality, silent running and efficiency of our gearboxes.

Gear Unit Types
KA-83 to KA-179
KB-103 to KB-200

Additional Components

Lubrication system
The gearbox works with a splash-gravity lubrication system. To ensure the best quality of gears and bearings lubrication, KA/KB transmission gear units are equipped with oil heaters. For special purposes or requirements of the customer a pressure lubrication system is also available.

Monitoring system
Standard version of the gearboxes is equipped with resistance thermometers. They monitor and signalize too high oil temperature, switching off the main motor drive in case of reaching critical conditions. For a pressure lubrication system, the monitoring system is more complex. It contains pressure transmitters, resistance temperature transmitters, thermometers and pressure gauges.

Your reasons to choose KA/KB transmission gear units from FLSmidth MAAG Gear

  • Silent running
  • High efficiency
  • Easy installation on the drum shaft
  • Oil level lubrication (splash - gravitational)
  • Natural cooling
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Hydraulic disassembly of roller bearings
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FLSmidth MAAG Gear KA, KB bevel-cylindrical reduction gear units for belt conveyors
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