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FLSmidth has extensive experience in handling large cement and minerals projects all over the world. The project execution and site activities are clearly defined in the ISO9000 certified quality management system which focuses on delivering ‘On Cost - On Time - On Spec’.

Control system project planning team
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System Design

System Design and Engineering phase includes collection of information, development of project specific drawings and diagrams, network design, configuration of ECS software, programming of process controllers and production of control panels. Project engineering in FLSmidth is handled in a high-end engineering tool, Metis, to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency. The engineering is verified by a factory acceptance test.

Commissioning & Optimization  

Commissioning and Optimization phase involves on-site services by FLSmidth and sub-supplier personnel for bringing the delivered equipment and software into correct operation. The installation and commissioning activities are typically joint activities with the goal of a smooth and rapid start-up. It is essential that dedicated end-user personnel are appointed to follow these activities as they will be tasked with the future support of the system. Depending on the magnitude of the actual project, commissioning can require a few days or several months’ activity.

After Sales Service

After-Sales Service phase. Upon successful client acceptance and take-over, FLSmidth offers service agreements to provide the degree of support desired. These range from basic troubleshooting and spare part contracts to full life cycle services including preventive maintenance visits, 24/7 hotline, remote support, and remote engineering assistance. In order to ensure optimum runtime of the systems over decades of software evolution, FLSmidth also offers complete software migration agreements. As part of the mission to be a recognized technology leader and competence centre FLSmidth offer several managerial, engineering and consultancy services, including feasibility and optimization studies.

Project Managment

A dedicated project manager is assigned to coordinate all internal and external activities through the entire life time of the project. This person is the main contact for the client counterpart. At an early stage in the project, the project manager provides a detailed project plan, indicating the individual phases and all key deadlines, project meetings etc.

Site Managment

On larger and more complex projects, a site manager is appointed to assist the project manager, representing both FLSmidth and all sub-suppliers. His role is to prioritize daily Project Execution work in order to optimize overall project progress, organize onsite tasks and hold project meetings with client to coordinate common activities.


Project Engineering
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