ABON Rollerscreens

FLSmidth's ABON Rollerscreen is a low maintenance, high efficiency rollerscreen with a compact footprint

ABON Rollerscreen
  • Overview

The ABON Rollerscreen was designed to offer the Minerals Industry a low maintenance, high efficiency Rollerscreen with a compact footprint. ABON Rollerscreens are available for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary applications.

Function of Rollerscreens

Feed material is delivered to the Rollerscreen via the inlet chute, it passes over the rotating shafts which are laced with a series of discs and spacers.

As the material travels over the shafts the under size material passes through the discs into the product discharge chute.

The oversize material is carried across the discs and is discharged to reject or for further processing.


  • High throughput capabilities
  • High efficiency
  • Compact footprint
  • Individual geared motors drive each shaft, eliminating the need for unreliable chains and belts
  • Long wear life of consumables
  • Worldwide service support
  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple disc cap replacement
  • Ability to handle wet and sticky feed


Each shaft is directly driven by its own individual motor, complete with reduction gearbox, eliminating the need for unreliable belts and chains. Shafts can be easily changed out, saving both down time and money. Adjustable disc settings allows for both a quick change-out of wear components and screen settings. Processing wet and sticky feed material is not a problem for an ABON Rollerscreen. The self cleaning disk arrangement means there are no hang ups removing the need for added water.


ABON Rollerscreens Brochure
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