Ceramic Alumina Tiles

FLSmidth Ludowici offers a large selection of stocked standard alumina ceramic tile sizes.

Alumina Chute Lining
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FLSmidth offers a large selection of stocked standard alumina ceramic tile sizes. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities also make us the leader in custom parts.

The tiles and ceramic lining materials are available in a multitude of types, shapes and sizes.

  • The standard, generally off the shelf items, are:
  • Flat tiles
  • Rectangular tiles 
  • Flat tapered sided tiles (aka Pipe Tiles)
  • Hexagonal tiles
  • Microtiles
  • Curved tiles

We offer standard tiles and shapes in 92% alumina. Custom manufactured tiles in alternative materials can be produced to suit the application.

FLSmidth has experts that can assist you with choosing the best ceramic tiles for your applications, and can also install ceramic lining materials to maximise wear resistance and increase operating life.


The following shapes can be lined:

  • Straight spools
  • Y spools
  • T spools
  • Elbows/bends
  • Reducers
  • Chokes and orifice plates
  • Valves - ball and butterfly

Benefits of our FLSmidth Ludowici Tiles

  • High wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Reduced wall thicknesses increase the piping bore size resulting in improved processing capacity and reducing pumping energy costs
  • Extended asset life results in less down time, reduced frequency of change out and lower maintenance costs across the lifetime of the asset
  • Customised solutions using monolithic pieces to eliminate potential wear weak points often found in inferior systems


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