Acid gas and mercury mitigation

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SO3 mitigation-Mobile injection unit
  • Mobile Reagent Injection System


FLSmidth can help clean up your acid gases by locating your “sweet spot” with the right sorbent in the right location at the right injection rate.

  • Integrated emissions management
  • Enhanced catalyst performance
  • Full service agreement
  • 21,000 MW experience base


SO3 mitigation-Mobile injection unit 



  • Continuous operation, even while filling the silo
  • Accurate injection - gravimetric accuracy: the right amount in the right place
  • Automated injection system - minimal supervision required
  • Data Acquisition: data logging, DCS compatible



  • Silo with bin vent filter and Airslide™ aeration
  • Truck unloading station
  • Automated screw conveyor
  • Injection skid with dual pressure tanks to one pipeline (dilute phase)
  • Loss-on-weight control with load cells and variable speed rotary feeders
  • HMI with touchscreen panel and data acquisition
  • Operating capacity 0 to 5+ tons per hour
  • Ideal for trona, sodium bicarbonate, hydrated lime, activated carbon
  • Based on proven FLSmidth injection technology


PLC Screen

PLC Screen





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