Spare parts

Ever since our start in 1882, we’ve been committed to delivering spare parts for as long as you need them – whether your plant is new or old


Cement spare parts

Spare parts for all cement plant equipment

Spare parts

Because our equipment lasts so long, our spare parts ordering systems have evolved as the years have passed. This means that customers from different time periods and different parts of FLSmidth must access their spare parts in different ways.

We hope the information below helps you meet your spare parts needs quickly and easily.

If you’ve been a customer since 1995 or later

  • Access our spare parts system via MyFLS here.

Your online catalogue is generated out of an IT system that covers both vendor and FLSmidth equipment. In the e-catalogue you will find all parts that are known by FLSmidth to be spare parts, supported by drawings and vendor instructions for easy identification and inquiry.

Please note that before you can view the drawings included in the e-catalogue, you have to install the Autodesk Design Review.

If you became a customer before 1995

When you need spare parts, contact us directly. Go to "Get in contact" and find the service centre closest to you.

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Support from A-Z