On-site services for kilns

FLSmidth provides expertise to supply, install, maintain and repair kilns on-site at plants around the world, irrespective of the OEM.

On-site services, kiln
  • Installation services
  • Repair & refurbishment
  • Hot kiln alignment

Installation services

We supply all the necessary equipment for on-site maintenance services. The scope of kiln installation services includes:

  • Delivery and replacement of field sections/tire sections and rollers
  • Delivery and installation of girth gear, pinion and drives 
  • Maintenance services on kiln inlet and outlet sections and seals
  • Change, reversal and alignment of girth gear, pinion and drives
  • Installation of new kiln lines.

Repair & refurbishment

Repair and refurbishment services help to reduce unplanned stoppages. Our on-site high-precision machining and grinding services mean that your plant equipment is refurbished in the shortest possible timeframe. Our services include:

  • Surface grinding of tires/rollers during normal operation 
  • Grinding of thrust roller surface 
  • Adjustment of rollers after grinding 
  • Gouging and crack welding solution of all kiln components
  • Installation and scraping of new bearing brasses.

Our mobile machining equipment can be prepared quickly and packed in containers for transporting to your site.

Hot kiln alignment & measuring

Beside the visual inspection of your equipment, we also apply advanced measuring techniques for a wide range of measurements on all rotary equipment:

  • Vertical and horizontal axis 
  • Kiln crank analysis 
  • Tire wobble range 
  • Shell test 
  • Girth gear and pinion worn out/wobble 
  • Gear, pinion and drive alignment/adjustment 
  • Drive vibration analysis.

We do not only provide you with a detailed measuring report, we also give you a general evaluation of the equipment, including specific conclusions and actual actions to take.

On-site services for rotary kilns
Kiln alignment
Kiln alignment