On-site services for girth gears

FLSmidth provides expertise to supply, install, maintain and repair heavy-duty girth gears to help ensure years of reliable operation.

Service, Girth gear
  • Repair & refurbishment
  • Installation services
  • Inspection services

Repair & refurbishment

Our repair and refurbishment team provides hands-on gear service including:  

  • Temporary repairs of crack and wear on girth gear and pinion
  • Ball mill flange runout machining.

Installation services

For kiln and ball mills, we offer services on open girth gears:  

  • Delivery and replacement of shell sections below girth gears
  • Delivery and installation of girth gear, pinion, fixation system and drives
  • Change or reversal and alignment of girth gear, pinions and drives.

Inspection services

Beside the visual inspection of girth gears we also apply:  

  • Radial and axial runout 
  • Root clearance and backlash measurement 
  • Pitch measurement 
  • Shell and fixation system for kilns 
  • Mounting flange measurement for ball mills 
  • Temperature and vibration measurements 
  • NDT measurements.
On-site services for girth gears
Girth gear
Watch girth gear being lifted on-site