PlantLine™ Service Program

FLSmidth Automation has more than 15 years of experience with our Service Agreement concept

  • PlantLine
  • PlantLine Critical
  • PlantLine Maintenance
  • PlantLine Lifecycle

FLSmidth Automation has more than 15 years of experience with our Service Agreement concept which has shown that regardless of close cooperation and the best maintenance programs on-site, incidents happen. We have therefore upgraded our Service Agreement to the next generation with more benefits aiming at improving your system OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency – Performance x Availability x Quality).

We have extended our existing Service Agreement concept with a proactive approach as systems are now able to report incidents back to our experienced 24/7 Global Customer Service Center. A great majority of incidents can be solved remotely through our FLSmidth LiveConnect™ which is a security solution designed to create a secure communication between your plant system/equipment and FLSmidth. It records the sessions which are stored for you for documentation and training purposes.

The 24/7 Global Customer Service Center is able to escalate the incident to either our local Service organization or the best available specialist(s) in the global pool of specialists/experts. The PlantLine agreement is designed to cover our ECS and QCX Product Suites.

By entering a PlantLine™ Program agreement you are assigned a dedicated "Ambassador", PlantLine Manager, who ensures you the highest priority and cooperation.

Our service program is divided into 3 major service programs:  

PlantLine™ Critical 

  • Provides essential services needed to monitor system health and emergency support services.


PlantLine™ Maintenance

  • Builds on the Critical program to add preventive Maintenance and Optimization services that keep systems operating in optimal condition and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.


PlantLine™ Lifecycle

  • Secures you a reliable, safe and trouble-free system for the covered period for a fixed yearly price.

The PlantLine Critical Program is an annual agreement designed to take care of critical incidents happening in your plant, with the purpose of bringing your plant fast back in operation regardless of actual local time.

FLSmidth Automation has established a fast support team consisting of local specialists backed up by our experienced 24/7 Global Customer Service Center which utilizes our large global resource specialist pool. See illustration below.

PlantLine Critical has the following service modules:

  • Frontend Global Support (English Speaking 24/7)
  • Frontend Local Support (Local Language 24/7 Mobile)
  • Advanced Troubleshooting (Product Specialist)
  • Critical Event Monitoring
  • Antivirus Monitoring
  • Remote Re-establishment
  • On-Site Breakdown Service


For the above services the dedicated PlantLine Manager will stay in close contact with your PlantLine responsible, for follow-up on performance and identify corrective actions to reduce repetitive incidents from happening in the future. The PlantLine Manager acts on your behalf to secure the best possible solution to your incidents.

The Plantline™ Maintenance Program is an extension to the PlantLine™ Critical Program and is building on continuous satisfaction with an annual renewal.

PlantLine™ Maintenance has the following service modules:

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Software License Upgrade Subscription
  • User Support
  • Remote Software Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance Visits
  • Engineering Service
  • Remote Optimization
  • Reduced Prices and Discounts

The Plantline™ Lifecycle Program can secure a reliable, safe, and trouble-free system operation over a long fixed time period.
The ECS and QCX software suites are designed with a lifecycle policy with minimum 6 years of mainstream support from the time the software is released. Hereafter the software enters into a 2 year period of extended support phase with limited service. It is typically in this extended support phase we recommend to migrate to the next major release version.
Normally you have several software systems each placed differently in its product lifecycle. We will in due time advice you when it is the best and most optimal time to migrate to the next platform.
When migrating from one platform to another the existing system data and configurations must be changed to fit the current software level.
During the migration we strongly recommend changing the hardware.
In close cooperation with your PlantLine Manager we plan the most optimal time schedule for you to migrate your system before it becomes obsolete.
Be up-to-date without technical risks and large investments because a Software License Migration Agreement will level out the price in yearly fees.
PlantLine™ Lifecycle has the following modules:

  • Software License Migration Agreement
  • Software Application Conversion Engineering
  • IT Hardware Equipment, including Microsoft Operating System


A Migration Agreement covering all 3 modules gives you the following benefits:
Financial benefits:

  • Fixed yearly fee = known expenses = no surprises
  • Up-to-date without large investments
  • No risks, price-wise and time-wise
  • Safe investment, no obsolete software


Technical benefits:

  • New features will often improve system performance
  • Extends system life and extension possibilities
  • Compatible with latest Microsoft patches and FLSmidth software updates
  • Reduces security risks associated with obsolete software