Plant process audit

FLSmidth offers a comprehensive performance evaluation of all your plant’s departments.

Plant process audit
  • Plant audit

Plant audit

A plant audit consists of an inspection by experienced FLSmidth specialists to evaluate the performance of all your plant’s departments, from the quarry to the packing plant. This evaluation includes:

  • Process and production methods
  • Quality and pollution control procedures
  • Visual inspection of equipment

Plant maintenance and spare parts handling systems may also be included in the audit.

In addition to a full plant audit, focused audits of specific production areas may be ordered individually.

Audit report

The audit results in a written report outlining possible improvements in your plant’s equipment and layout, with special focus on increasing:

  • Production economy
  • Plant reliability
  • Equipment availability

The report will also highlight any specific installations, methods or machines that have proved to cause repeated problems, or to be a bottleneck for production. When appropriate, the report will also include recommendations for other plant modifications and elimination of production bottlenecks, as well as for additional analysis of specific areas.