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Maintenance Systems

FLSmidth's answer to optimal maintenance

Maintenance systems

Maintenance best practices

Our O&M ambition is to maintain high and sustainable production levels throughout the year. A precondition for this is to perform maintenance activities at the highest possible level.

The FLSmidth way to increased efficiency follows the "maintenance path" (described in graph below) of advanced maintenance practices.

Maintenance systems

The different maintenance practices are individual techniques which build on each other. Their relationships are top to bottom dependencies, meaning Predictive Maintenance is dependent on Condition-based Maintenance, which in turn is dependent on Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance. The maintenance dependency is never the other way around. Corrective Maintenance is the very minimal maintenance and does not depend on each of the maintenance practices which FLSmidth applies: Preventive Maintenance, Condition-based Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance.