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O&M Health and Safety program

Health and Safety is an integrated part of O&M

Health & Safety

Health & Safety program principles

Safety is one of our main priorities, and the safety program is developed to create healthy and safe working conditions for our employees.

We develop safety programs to ensure that the plant staff responsible for safety fits the qualifications and necessary requirements. To constantly reach those requirements and qualifications, training is offered and evaluations are made on a regular basis. To find the best fitted safety program we start by identifying, assessing and quantifying possible future risks and areas of hazards. Then the appropriate control and safety program is implemented as well as a follow up procedure after implementation.

Health & Safety program focus

  • Organization and planning
  • Risk control
  • Training and awareness
  • Continuous improvement


Since each working areas and tasks have different conditions and level of difficulty, safety procedures are developed for each area: 

  • Work in confined spaces or height
  • Work next to machinery
  • Inspection of pressure plant and valves
  • Safety concerns regarding high temperatures
  • Working at heights
  • Covering and fencing of dangerous spaces and areas
  • Safety measures relating to explosives or flammable gas


Finally, to enhance safety, sufficient and adequate first aid stations and lighting are available and the correct safety equipments are provided (personal protective equipment, fire fighting).