Customized solutions

Because of our extensive process know-how, our cement plant designs are custom made for specific market needs

Guiding cement projects

For more than 130 years, we’ve successfully guided large and small cement projects around the world– whether it’s a single machine or an entire plant, and whether your approach is do-it-yourself or turnkey.

We have an established record of meeting performance guarantees and deliver solutions to achieve both high quality cement and consistently high production levels.

Holcim's Ste. Genevieve plant in USA is the World's largest cement production line, producing 12,000 tonnes of clinker a day and it complies with the most stringent environmental regulations.

Defining your project

Our first task is to evaluate your expectations regarding the scope and production capacity of the project and the potential risks involved. This includes:

  • testing your raw materials at our R&D centre Dania
  • calculating the mass flow
  • preparing key documents such as process design diagrams, flow sheets and proposal drawings.

The quality and properties of your raw materials determine the specifications of the main machinery. We also take into account unique factors like geographical location and climatic conditions.

LSR Group's new cement plant Slantsy in Russia is one of the World's most energy efficient. With a specially designed preheater, 40% of the kiln energy comes from waste raw material combustion, which is a waste product from LSR's other industrial plants.

Ste. Genevieve - record-breaking 12,000 tpd line
Slantsy - process know-how ensures energy efficiency