Screw sampler

For the sampling of non-sticky, free falling material and depending on the processed material, there are two variations of screw samplers available. The PS-SC for a broad range of cementitious materials and the PS-SC_ATEX for materials where a ATEX certificate is required, for example at coal dust sampling points.

Screw sampler with container
  • Screw sampler


For the installation in a free falling material stream, the screw sampler can be used as a spot and average sampler for a large variety of materials. The sampled material should  dry and not sticky.


PS-SC ATEX Coal Meal Sampler


The PS-SC_ATEX is a coal dust sampler with ATEX-certificate. It is certified to be used within zone 22.

Mounted in a free falling matrial stream, the sampler can take up to 120l of sample per hour.

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