JETFLEX® burner

FLSmidth's JETFLEX® burner represents the latest evolution in burner technology.

JETFLEX burner
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  • Design
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Key benefits

  • Increased reliability
  • Lower fuel and power costs
  • Long refractory life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased firing of alternative fuels
  • Lower emissions 
  • Superior flame shaping

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The JETFLEX® burner fires rotary kilns with pulverised coal or coke, oil, natural gas, or any mixture of these fuels. The burner may be fitted with an extra duct for alternative fuels such as plastic chips, wood chips, sewage sludge, etc.

The JETFLEX burner is available for any fuel combination and the maximum capacity ranging from 20 to 250 MW catering for even the largest of rotary kilns. The primary air supply to the burner enables a flame momentum of 7N/MW up to 11 N/MW upon request.

FLSmidth offers two models of the JETFLEX burner: The standard JETFLEX burner with fixed jet air nozzles and the JETFLEX PLUS burner with rotatable jet air nozzles.

Design features

The JETFLEX® burner is FLSmidth’s latest kiln burner design. It combines FLSmidth’s combustion and cement production know-how with industry requirements for reliability, energy efficiency, fuel flexibility and low emissions. 

The burner provides efficient fuel combustion and stable flame formation, ensuring stable kiln coating, long refractory lifetime and high clinker quality.

New design

The following fundamental design features are especially important in its superior performance:

  • Rectangular jet air nozzles and swirler
  • Straight solid fuel channel
  • Common solid fuel channel

Fixed jet air nozzles

The standard JETFLEX® burner has a fixed nozzle design that consists of a number of machined rectangular nozzles with a fixed angle concentrically surrounding the fuel. The design ensures efficient and well-defined mixing of hot secondary air with the fuel.

The front plate is easily exchangeable in case of increased production requirements or significant changes in fuel quality.

Simple to operate and low maintenance

The standard JETFLEX burner has no moving parts, offering simplicity and high reliability as limited parts are exposed to wear. The burner flame shape or momentum is easily controlled by simple regulation of the primary air pressure and flow.

Previously used burner settings can be easily repeated. This improves plant production by enabling smooth transition between production qualities or fuels.

For optimum combustion flexibility

Two additional fundamental design features characterise the JETFLEX® PLUS burner model:

  • Rotatable jet air nozzles
  • Retractable centre pipe for alternative fuel firing

PLUS benefits

  • Superior combustion of cost-effective grade fuels
  • Full flame forming control
  • Increased fuel retention time

Savings calculator

Use the savings calculator to estimate the fuel, transport air and heat savings that you can achieve by replacing your existing burner with a JETFLEX® burner.

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