In-Line Calciner using Excess air

Although the ILC-E is no longer a standard offering, existing ILC-E systems can quickly benefit from upgrading to newer, more effective solutions

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Why upgrade?

The ILC-E is a cyclone preheater kiln with a small precalciner built into the kiln riser duct, typically designed with a single string. Combustion air for the precalciner is drawn through the kiln.

By retrofitting the ILC-E and upgrading to any of a host of alternative solutions, benefits include:

  • Significantly higher capacity
  • Lower operational costs
  • Compliance with environmental demands
  • Ability for alternative fuel use

Upgrade possibilities

The ILC-E can be quickly upgraded to any of the following products:

  • ILC - In-Line Calciner
  • SLC-D - Seperate Line Calciner - Downdraft
  • SLC - Seperate Line Calciner