HOTDISC® Combustion Device

The HOTDISC® combustion device alternative fuels solution provides unsurpassed fuel flexibility with minimal impact on process. It allows you to achieve high substitution rates with difficult fuels and a guaranteed level of performance

  • Flexible technology
  • Operational overview

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility with different alternative fuels
  • High substitution rates with difficult alternative fuels (e.g whole tyres)
  • Controlled emissions
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Best available technology for maintaining kiln availability with alternative fuels

Calciner fuel substitution

The HOTDISC® is a safe, simple and effective combustion device – a large, moving hearth furnace – integrated with the preheater and calciner systems. It has proven to be the best available technology for substituting calciner fuel with coarse alternative fuels. The HOTDISC combustion device provides the flexibility to burn all kinds of solid waste in sizes up to 1.2 metres in diameter, from sludge or grains to huge whole truck tyres. This eliminates the need for expensive shredding of lumpy waste material.

Proven technology

Introduced in 2002, HOTDISCs are running successfully in plants worldwide. The benefits of using HOTDISC technology can vary from plant to plant and from country to country. Some plants are able to utilise alternative fuels that provide a high waste fee. Others with low labour costs find it possible to handle and transport a wide variety of fuel shapes and sizes. Still other plants choose to use highly calorific organic fuels to cut the costs of fossil fuels as much as possible.

Guaranteed results

The HOTDISC is designed to achieve a calciner fuel substitution rate of up to 80%, although results can vary significantly depending upon specific plant conditions. FLSmidth specialists can accurately estimate and guarantee the exact performance results you can expect at your facility. We also offer immediate on-site assistance and guidance to help you get the very best out of your HOTDISC.

Optimised design

Waste fuels are introduced to the HOTDISC parallel with the tertiary air. The preheated tertiary air will instantaneously ignite the alternative fuels and the high excess air ratio will ensure full oxidizing conditions. Fuel residence time can be optimized simply by adjusting the disc’s rotational speed. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) have contributed to additional design improvements of the HOTDISC. For instance, the design of the tertiary air and meal inlets have recently been optimised to ensure correct mixing and gas flow patterns in the HOTDISC.

Efficient combustion

Compared to calciner or back-end firing, the combination of the HOTDISC and calciner gives more efficient combustion of difficult alternative fuels. The variable speed of the rotating disc provides flexibility to adjust the residence time of alternative fuel on the disc from a few minutes up to 45 minutes. The properties of the alternative fuel determines the optimal rotational speed.

HOTDISC’s combustion efficiency helps to lower overall operating costs. It also reduces coating problems, thereby maintaining high availability compared to firing of difficult fuels directly in the kiln back-end or calciner. In addition, the HOTDISC allows you to minimise the potential harmful effect of alternative fuels on clinker quality.