What is Quality Control

The QCX system ensure reliable data for quality control procedures for cement and mineral plants

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Based on the key activities sampling, sample preparation and analysis, it is the main task of any production laboratory to provide fast and reliable data for process quality control and quality assurance throughout the production process. FLSmidth Automation’s QCX System incorporates all these key activities in an integrated system architecture, allowing for any degree of automation. The concept supports both traditional laboratory automation and on-line analysis or combinations hereof.

Originally developed for X-ray based cement quality control, the system concept has during more than 30 years of continuous development been expanded to support a wide range of sampling and laboratory procedures in different industries.

The QCX system structure supports customized integration of PC’s, analytical instruments, sampling & sample preparation equipment, robotics and on-line analytical sensors. The general process I/O facilities of the kernel software layer allows for seamless access to analog process measurements, digital status information and control loops. The modular architecture allows for scaling between small configurations for raw mix quality control (based on lab XRF, on-line XRF or on-line PGNAA) and larger, fully automated chemical quality and laboratory information management system. The QCX concept fully meets the high and mandatory requirements





Plant Quality Control 
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