MAAG™ WA one-stage gear unit

Parallel cylindrical wheel reduction gear units, type WA, are designed for torque transmission from electric drive motors to ball, rod, SAG, AG or other types of horizontal mills.

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Technical Data

Gear wheels
All gears are made of case-hardened steel alloy, which ensures high strength and wear resistance of the teeth and provides light and compact construction of the gearbox. The toothing of the helical stage includes all necessary modifications to ensure smooth meshing during operation. Heat treatment and precise teeth machining result in optimal tooth contact under load conditions.

WA gear units run in spherical roller bearings. The type of bearing depends on the type of load ­transmitted. Standard bearing durability calculations are based on Lh10 minimum 50 000 working hours.

Gear casing
The casing is a split housing design and is provided with inspection windows for ease of maintenance.  The construction ensures high quality acoustic and dynamic state. Sealing of the shafts protects the internal parts against contamination under normal operating conditions.

Lubrication system
To maintain optimum lubrication of the gears and bearings, the gearboxes work with a stand alone pressure lubrication system that includes pumps, double filters, oil heaters, pressure transmitters, resistance temperature transmitters, thermometers, pressure gauges, etc.

Auxiliary drive
The auxiliary drive is a cost effective drive used during build-up welding on the mill or for convenient positioning of the mill during maintenance.

Optional Equipment

Girth gear
The girth gear is a fabricated design made up of two or four segments. The ring where the toothing is located consists of high-quality alloy steel and is rolled and bent. The rib is made out of ordinary carbon steel and is welded to the ring. Internal stresses are eliminated by heat treatment. With these processes a homogenous crystal structure in the base material of the toothing is ensured, thereby achieving significantly higher fatigue and wear resistance compared to cast girth gears.

In addition to girth gear development, FLSmidth MAAG Gear also designs and develops pinions and has improved pinion technology. The correct combination of material, hardness and finishing between pinion and gear is crucial to ensuring the installed equipment has a long service life.

Your reasons to choose the MAAG WA one-stage gear unit by FLSmidth MAAG Gear

  • Maximum performance and proven reliability
  • One source single point of accountability
  • Precision machined to the industry’s highest standards
  • Total solution for your mill application 
  • Customized for your individual mill requirements


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FLSmidth MAAG Gear WA one-stage gear unit for horizontal mill drives
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