ATOX® Split Seal

FLSmidth has designed a split inner oil seal for grinding rollers that significantly reduces seal replacement downtime and helps ensure higher ATOX® mill availability.

ATOX split seal
  • Retrofit your ATOX® mill

Split oil seal for ATOX® mill grinding rollers reduces seal replacement downtime

The split seal can be replaced inside the mill,without removing the grinding rollers. After converting to split seals, an inner seal replacement can be done with only 15 hours of mill downtime. This simplified procedure eliminates a kiln stop and excessive loss of lubrication oil, as well as crane and workshop expenses.
The new split seal requires the same frequency of replacement and maintenance as before, but is a much faster and easier operation, which requires no special tools and can be done by maintenance staff on site.
Conversion kits are now available for 27.5 to 52.5 ATOX® raw mills.
The conversion is a one-time investment: to install the conversion kit, the roller must be disassembled in the workshop.
An additional benefit is that the split seals also eliminate removal of rollers when doing maintenance on air-sealing parts.

ATOX Split Seal
ATOX Split Seal