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Advanced environment for training of process operators

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High technological simulation

ECS/CEMulator is a high technological breakthrough in development of an advanced environment for training of process operators and engineers in the cement industry. Combining decades of process design and operation experience of FLSmidth, an extensive theoretical insight on process dynamics, and the latest software technology, FLS Automation has developed an absolute realistic simulator of cement plant processes.

Contrary to most cement process simulators, ECS/CEMulator is developed on a full functional control systems platform enabling the complete set of functions and features of a modern control system environment for the users.  

Having a skilled team of operators plays a crucial role in beneficial and safe operation of industrial plants. Especially in the cement industry, with the significant high cost of investment, practical knowledge and experience of plant operation has a direct effect on production economy.

Insufficient insight in process dynamics and interactions, high stress factors in real time operation conditions, and lack of adequate experience in utilizing the existing control system are typical reasons for incorrect operator actions. The consequences of this may result in low production quality, production interruption, equipment damage, and in worst case risk on human safety.

The increasing demand on production sustainability in recent years has resulted in requirements of which the degree of fulfilment is effected by the level of skills of plant operators and engineers.


ECS/CEMulator is an advanced and user-friendly cement process simulator which aims at:

  • Process operator training in an absolutely realistic and risk-free environment
  • Increasing operator skills in reaching pre-defined production quantity and quality targets
  • Operator performance evaluation
  • Increasing operator skills for optimal utilisation of a modern control system
  • Enabling process engineers and designers to test their ideas before practical implementations

Instructor user-interface

While a training session is running, the following options are available for the instructor:
1 - The simulation speed can be changed on-the-fly, e.g to “accelerate” the process reaction upon a control action.
2 - Various type of disturbances, e.g. equipment failure or measurement errors or other, process specific,
     frequent occurring conditions can be introduced.
3 - Operation input parameters such as flow or material conditions can be changed.
4 - The mission in the training as pre-defined production, quality and emission target values and the associated
     weight factors can be modified.

Finnsementti Case
ECS/Cemulator: a key to successful start-up for Finnsementti
Italcement Case
Simulator training: a must for both new and experienced operators


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