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Online measurement of kiln shell temperatures.

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Ensure proper kiln-shell safety and lining durability

The ECS/CemScanner® system provides on-line measurement of kiln-shell temperature distribution. Its purpose is to help kiln operators to ensure proper kiln-shell safety and lining durability.

Experience from 600+ installations worldwide is reflected in the reliability, quality and performance of the ECS/CemScanner -the state-of-the-art in kiln shell infrared scanning systems.

Correctly measuring the temperature on a kiln shell is essential for the efficient running of the kiln. The ECS/CemScanner combines a robust design with advanced software features, making it an indispensable aid to the operation and optimisation of kilns. The use of the ECS/CemScanner will result in:

  • Increased kiln availability
  • Lower refractory consumption
  • Fewer stops
  • Reduced thermal consumption
  • Ability to plan overhauls

The Three Main Components

ECS/CemScanner consists of 3 main components: IR scanner head, data processing units and other hardware units, and the final software layer for the system user.

The standard high-speed infrared scanner used in the ECS/CemScanner is selected among the leading scanner suppliers offering high reliability, and long-term stability and accuracy.

An advanced processing unit, the CemMicro III, with Ethernet Interface constitutes the heart of the system. It receives the measurements from the scanner head and the Kiln Position Encoder (KPE) as well as kiln and tyres rotation pulses. The CemMicro-III processes these information and are transmitted to the computer system through Fibre Optic Interface or industrial wireless Ethernet solutions.



By providing an exact kiln position measurement the KPE allows for compensation of the potential variations in kiln speed due to uneven coating build-up in the kiln. In the unlikely event that the KPE fails, the system will automatically operate from the kiln pulse signal if available.

The protective double-wall, stainless-steel scanner cabinet offers ample space for easy and open access to components. It is air-pressurised to maintain temperature below 50°C, to avoid dust entry, and maintain a dust-free viewing window. An electro-magnetic shutter automatically closes this window in case of power failure. The air is provided by an integrated high-power filter fan, which avoids the use of costly plant compressed air. The cabinet is finally equipped with temperature and pressure sensors which can be monitored via the software diagnostic facilities.

The system comes with a number of predefined views covering the most typical needs e.g. a temperature image / temperature profile view and a diagnostic view for scanner and communications status  

Historical database

  • storage of images and profiles
  • short (5min) medium(1h) and long term(24h) horizons
  • animation of historical data

Other facilities
Like any other product from FLSmidth Automation, ECS/CemScanner is based on the proven ECS platform. This means that all the function and features of real-time client-server control system e.g. trending, reporting, supervision, alarm handling, PLC communication, dual language support, are also available in standalone ECS/CemScanner systems.

  • Full 3D-360° kiln-internal view
  • remote supervision and diagnostic of all hardware status
  • dynamic trend curves
  • handling up to 5 scanners in the same server
  • advanced sectional alarm handling


Optional features

  • measurement of lining thickness
  • measurement of live-ring migration
  • automatic control of cooling fans
  • automatic external alarm activation
  • full integration of IR-pyrometer measurements for scanning of possible obstacles  

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