Roller Crushers

Roller crushers are used mainly for crushing easily fractured materials such as soft limestone, chalk, and clay to between 1/3 and 1/5 of its original size

Roll Crusher
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Roller Crusher Type E*

The Roller Crusher Type E* consists of two rollers with cast bosses. One of the roller shafts is adjustable while the other has a fixed position and is provided with a flywheel. The gap between the two rollers can be varied according to the degree of crushing required. The motor power is transmitted through a gear drive and two cardan shafts to permit the adjustment of the space between the rollers. Both rollers have scrapers to remove any material sticking to the surface.


*E = single-step roller crusher

Roller Crusher Type E

The Roller Crusher Type E machinery is overload-protected by a plate punching device connected to the bearing of the adjustable roller and a motor safety switch. If an extremely hard object is jammed between the rollers, the punching device is activated so that the crusher and feed stop. The frame structure consists of welded and cast steel parts which are bolted together. The rollers incorporate grease-lubricated roller bearings. The toothed wheels on the gear-drive are oil-immersed with grease lubricated shaft bearings. This attention to detail makes our roll crushers reliable to operate and low maintenance.

Roller Crusher Design