EV™ Crusher Retrofit

New crusher in a week; increase capacity and reduce power and maintenance on your old EV™ Crusher by upgrading to new rotor design and grate bars

EV Crusher Retrofit
  • The basics

Key benefits

  • New crusher in a week
  • Capacity increased by 5-10%
  • Specific wear rate (g/t) reduced
  • Specific power consumption (kWh/t) reduced
  • Wear parts lasts longer
  • Less downtime
  • Less maintenance required
  • Maintenance facilitated

Since FLSmidth first launched the EV™ hammer impact crusher in the mid fifties, design improvements have continuously been introduced.

The EV crusher retrofit is the preferred solution when upgrading EV crushers from before 1987.

How it works

The new hammer rotor consists of a heavy, forged, square cross-section shaft fitted with cast steel rotor discs. The special "sandwich" assembly of the discs is a robust construction, preventing distortion and crack formation.

The closed surface of the rotor eliminates the risk of rocks getting stuck and causing operational disturbances.

The hammer rows are displaced in relation to each other and cover thereby the entire width and area, increasing the overall efficiency of the crusher.

Outlet grate

The grate bars of the new type are designed to make the slot openings more tangential in relation to the hammer tip rotation, making it easier for sufficiently crushed material to pass.

The grate bars mesh, which makes the construction much sturdier and in turn, causes the comminution to be highly effective.

Hydraulic opening of crusher housing
The hydraulic opening of the crusher housing reduces downtime and makes servicing of the crusher safer. The crusher can be opened within 5-10 minutes.

Hydraulic tool for changing of hammers
The entire new hammer handling arrangement considerably reduces downtime.