Nuisance dust collectors

Nuisance dust collectors for secondary dedusting

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Nuisance Dust Collacter
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Cleaner air in the industry

FLSmidth's Air Pollution Control unit supplies nuisance dust collectors for secondary dedusting in the Cement, Minerals, and Mining Industries. Our nuisance dust collectores have successfully been in service in more than 30 years.

Our nuisance dust collectors are continously updated with state-of-the-art cleaning technology to ensure efficient cleaning. The collectors can be delivered completely assembled, partly assembled, or shipped as panels and key parts for on-site assembly.

The equipment can be fitted with our proprietary smart-pulse controller or standard timer based control. The smart-pulse controller initiates the jet pulse cleaning based on differential pressure, thereby cleaning the filter only when required which saves compressed air and promotes longer filter bag life.

Applications include

• Belt Conveying
• Pneumatic Conveying
• Material Storage Silos
• Coal Mills
• Finish Mills and Separators
• Crushers
• Flash Dryers
• Material Feeders
• Packing Equipment

IN Filter

The smallest filters in our product range can be installed directly on drag chains, belt and screw conveyors, or material storage silos.





CE Filter

The central filter is designed for dedusting one or several pick-up points. The largest filters in our range are suitable for dedusting mills and come equipped with internal screw conveyor.