Hydrated Lime Injection

FLSmidth's Hydrated Lime Injection (HLI) system reduces SO2 emission by up to 60%.

Hydrated Lime Injection
  • Overview

Key benefits

  • Effective emission control
  • Easy operation
  • Highly reliable

How it works

The hydrated lime powder absorbs HCI and SO2. FLSmidth provides either a pneumatic solution, or a mechanical solution that meters hydrated lime powder via a dosing system connected to the kiln feed.

The HLI system is a cost-effective solution for handling periodic fluctuations in SO2 emission levels to remain within legal compliance limits. The hydrated lime usually absorbs up to 60% of the SO2 in the gases if injected at the correct temperature. If higher SO2 reductions are needed, FLSmidth's Gas Suspension Absorber (GSA) should be considered.