Hybrid Filters

FLSmidth’s hybrid filter technology is the ideal air pollution control solution to upgrade your existing electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and ensure optimum and reliable particulate removal.

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hybrid filter
  • Overview

Combining ESP and fabric filter technology

Only FLSmidth has the experience and expertise to provide the most efficient air pollution control solutions for your specific requirements, including upgrades to improve the performance, efficiency and longevity of your existing equipment.

Using a hybrid filter, a part of your ESP is modified to function with both ESP and fabric filter technology. The original section collects the majority of the dust, while the fabric filter section removes the fine particles. This way, the hybrid filter ensures optimum particulate removal efficiency at all times and is also less expensive to install than a new fabric filter, with lower operating costs.

Electrostatic Fabric Filter Hybrid

Hybrid filter

Features and benefits

Improved performance – greater reduction of mass and fine particle emissions, even if the ESP section is de-energised.

Significant energy efficiency – less dust on the filter bags results in lower pressure drop, fewer cleaning cycles and compressed air savings.

Greater reliability – constant low emissions in spite of varying operational conditions.

More cost-effective – use of existing ESP structure and less demand on the fabric filter section makes the hybrid solution significantly better value for your investment.