Gas suspension absorbers

FLSmidth's gas suspension absorber, the FLS-GSA® provides an exceptionally high level of SO2 and HCl removal, as well as being highly effective for mercury, dioxins and furans.

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Gas Suspension-GSA
  • Overview

Multi-pollutant control

FLSmidth’s gas suspension absorber, the FLS-GSA® can be installed quickly and easily with very little disruption to plant operations. The system’s unique design re-circulates the absorbent to a very high degree, keeping utilisation high and operating costs low.

Compared to alternative solutions, the gas suspension absorber is very easy to maintain. It uses a minimum of wear parts, which is a key factor in controlling cost and keeping availability high.

Gas Suspension-GSA 

Features and benefits

Superior performance – exceptionally high level of SO2, HCI, Hg, dioxins and furans removal.

Highly efficient – intense re-circulation of absorbent keeps lime consumption low.

Cost-efficient – simple installation, automatic monitoring and easy maintenance means a smaller initial investment and lower operating costs.

Industry standard – fully compliant with NESHAP regulations.