Reduce emissions

When it comes to reducing emissions and staying ahead of environmental regulations, FLSmidth can help you achieve compliance without limiting plant performance

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TOC emission control

Reducing emission of Total Organic Carbons (TOC)

air pollution control


A base-line emissions audit by FLSmidth includes on-site stack testing, process analysis, and raw material sampling.

These results are analysed by process specialists who provide a report that compares current emissions levels against current or future limits, identifies the sources of any emission problems, and recommends practical and economical solutions.

FLSmidth also provides Environmental Impact Assessments for European Greenfield projects.


The CataMax™ catalytic solution is a single step solution for the cement industry to reduce Total Hydrocarbons (THC) emission including Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). The solution combines FLSmidth’s extensive process know-how and the new­est ground-breaking technologies within air pollution control for cement plants.

Particulate emission from the gas stream is captured on the surface of the porous ceramic elements. A specially designed catalyst converts and removes THC and NOx emissions originating from the raw materials and the combustion process. The initial removal of dust prevents it from deactivating the embedded catalyst. The conversion process of the harmful gases requires elevated temperatures as present in the down comer from a preheat­er/calciner kiln.