Reduce emissions

When it comes to reducing emissions and staying ahead of environmental regulations, FLSmidth can help you achieve compliance without limiting plant performance

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NOx emission control

Solutions for evaluating and reducing NOx emission

Reducing NOx


Worldwide emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) cause a wide range of health and environmental effects such as acid rain and deteriorated water quality. The World Bank and many countries are imposing increasingly tougher environmental restrictions on NOx emission.

Most new kiln systems, however, are pushed to their limits, with strong, hot burning zones that result in high thermal NOx generation. NOx is also released from oxidation of nitrogen compounds in the calciner's fuel. It is therefore essential for cement and minerals producers to ensure that the kiln process is not compromised and that they remain in compliance with emission regulations.

Our preheater installations for new cement plants include the proven Low-NOx Calciner, which provides for high levels of NOx reduction from both thermal and fuel NOx. For situations in which primary abatement techniques are not sufficient, FLSmidth offers secondary abatement techniques, such as Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR).

A single step SCR technology to control NOx, NH3 or VOC emission together with dust emission control is the CataFlex catalytic filter bags.



A base-line emissions audit by FLSmidth includes:

  • on-site stack testing
  • process analysis and
  • raw material sampling.

These results are analyzed by process specialists who provide a report that compares current emissions levels against current or future limits, identifies the sources of any emission problems, and recommends practical and economical solutions.