Spare Parts

Always looking towards the future, FLSmidth has you covered with spare and wear parts supply and planning. Periodic wear monitoring inspections will help to ensure that your plant is always running smoothly, and that your needs are continuously anticipated.

Spare Parts warehouse

Knelson concentrator spare parts packages

FLSmidth offers a wide variety of optional spare parts and tooling packages to our customers. When operating in remote locations or in countries where restrictive import regulations can hamper the expeditious clearance of spare parts, these packages can provide the necessary safety stock to ensure the customer's Knelson concentrator provides a high level of availability at all times

Spare Parts Packages

Commissioning & Start Up Spare Parts Package

This package consists of critical items for the initial start-up and commissioning of CD and XD series machines. This is the minimum recommended package for the client if not purchasing a full spare parts package. Available for all models.

Operating Spare Parts Package 1 and 2 year

The operating spare parts package consists of the items that are recommended to be on-hand to ensure against machine downtime due to an unanticipated or pre-mature part failure. It is unlikely that there will be a requirement for replacement parts during the first year of machine operation. Available for all models.

Abrasion Spares

The standard abrasion spares can be separated from our operating spare packages to provide another option when considering the overall selection of a parts package. These are consumable items that are subjected to extreme abrasion and intended to provide added protection for the internal components of the Knelson such as the concentrating cone. Available in most models.

Automated Piping Spares

A variety of commissioning and instrumentation packages are available to customers with Knelson automated control systems

Automation Control Spares

This package is especially meant for the Knelson ICS control system or custom designed Knelson systems where customers in remote locations may experience power fluctuation issues and/or have
'dirty' power.

Additional Spare Packages

Additional spare parts packages are available to ensure quality maintenance measures for your Knelson. These additional packages include specialty tools, standard hand tools, service packs, lubrication kits, feed by-pass spares and concentrate cone packages.