Kiln process audit & optimisation

Evaluation of pyro system operating condition and recommendations for optimisation

Kiln process audit and optimisation
  • Evaluation and optimisation study

Pyro system optimisation tools

Regular pyro system evaluation and optimisation studies are indispensable tools to help plant management and production staff optimise key areas of kiln operation, such as:

  • Heat and energy consumption
  • Capacity
  • Product quality

Evaluation and reporting

A thorough pyro system evaluation and optimisation study covers the clinker burning process from raw meal homogenising to transport from the clinker cooler. Together with your plant personnel, an FLSmidth specialist will evaluate the kiln system through:

  • Measurements of process parameters
  • Analysis of available operational data
  • Visual inspection of the installation

Evaluation results are compiled in a written report that contains:

  • Overall assessment of kiln performance
  • Recommendations for optimisation
  • Suggested solutions to specific problems