Sludge Piston Pump

The preferred choice for the enclosed conveying of municipal, industrial and biological sludges

Sludge Piston Pump
  • General Information

Reliable operation, flexible capacity, compact design

The well-proven KOCH MVT sludge piston pumps are suitable for the transport of free-flowing materials with solid content.

The functional principle of these pumps is based on a hydraulically driven piston pump with single or multiple hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic aggregate, piston pump, pump programmable logical controller and minimum pressure loss pump feeding equipment are controlled electronically as a complete system. The robust design ensures low maintenance requirements and minimizes the use of wearing parts. The resulting high system availability guarantees a smooth operation, even under extreme conditions.

The dosed and controlled conveying of pre-dewatered and partially dewatered sludges requires customized solutions and tailor-made technology concepts:

  • The space available in existing or planned facilities is often limited.
  • The capacity range of the material handling systems has to be designed specifically for the individual requirements of the application. Highest requirements regarding reliability and availability have to be complied.

Flexible capacity

With the possibility to optimize the piston pump capacity to the actual system requirements the KOCH MVT sludge piston pump perfectly balances the required conveying capacity and the cost-efficiency of the plant operation. Single, double or quadruple cylinders are selected to suit the individual system requirements.

Materials with a solid content of 10 – 50 % are dealt with by using pipe diameters between 80 mm and 200 mm and corresponding outlet valves. The piston pump operating pressure is up to 100 bar.