Dorrco Positive Displacement Pumps

Dorrco® Pumps are rugged duplex diaphragm pumps which permit stroke adjustment while in operation

Dorrco Positive Displacement Pump
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Designed by Dorr-Oliver expressly for handling the thickened underflow from sedimentation units. Dorrco positive displacement double diaphragm pumps are constructed of extra heavy-duty materials for tough, long-lasting service in extreme environments. These pumps can be installed at liquid level in thickener applications to prevent flooding or start-up problems. The pump operates with a smooth action, which prevents agitation and keeps the slurry from degrading during transport. Dorrco pumps come in two series: Type W and VM.


Dorrco Pumps have been used successfully in metallurgical processes for over sixty years. The pump can be used with thickener and clarifier underflow, pulp mill liquors, slurries with heavy solids content, abrasive and corrosive alkaline or acid slurries. Flow ranges from 9 gpm (2 M3/H) to 600 gpm (136 M3/H) with multiple models are available for application selection. Protective rubber lining is also available for acidic/alkaline conditions.


The Dorrco pump enjoys many advantages over centrifugal pumps used in heavy-duty service. Because drive motion is at right angles to the diaphragm, you can expect the diaphragm to have a greater life. Anti-friction ball bearings also provide for a smooth pumping action which reduces friction and wear on moving parts. The Dorrco pump utilizes standard horizontal electric motors for lower power consumption. A stroke adjustment handwheel allows for easy adjustment of stroke length to vary discharge rate while the pump is operating. All components of the pump are above ground and easily accessed for maintenance.


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