Dorr-Oliver Gorator Pump

The Dorr-Oliver® Gorator® pump sizes, reduces, disperses, separates, delumps, grinds, chops, macerates and even pumps.

Dorr-Oliver Gorator Pump
  • Dorr-Oliver® Gorator® Pump

The Gorator works on a simple inclined rotor principle, which gives the machine its self-cleaning, non-clog, trouble-free characteristics under the most difficult conditions.

An impeller, taking the form of a flat plate, is mounted at an oblique angle on the end of the pump shaft. Notched teeth are located in peripheral stator bars to chop the material during passage through the pump. Rotation of the impeller reduces the materials and discharges it radially through the outlet.

The Gorator can be adapted to meet a wide variety of needs in an ever-increasing number of industries. It is easily fitted to meet individual reducing needs by spacing the liner bars to exactly the position required for various size particulates from 3/16” to 2 ½”. Synthetic fibers, rags, plastics, raw sludges, slurries, slaughter-house residue, high-viscosity materials, chemical residue, industrial waste and debris are but a few of the materials being successfully handled by the Gorator. Applications serving the wastewater industry for more than thirty years has proven this rugged machine. Material is reduced to a slurry so that material handling of solids, and process equipment clogging, is eliminated.

The 4 x 4 Type PP Gorator® Grit Pump is a non-clogging, angled rotor pump ideally suited for pumping grit. The V-shaped steel rotor is mounted so that solids can pass through the pump unobstructed. The pump casing is wear and impact resistant, heat-treated Meehanite WS cast iron. It has a quick clean-out port for easy access to the pump interior and rotor without disturbing the piping. It can be direct drive or v-belt drive to meet various requirements. Forty years of experience has proven this pump in this rugged application.


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