EIMCO Solids-Contact Reactor Clarifier units

Flash Mix, Flocculation, and Sedimentation Combined in a Single Tank

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Features & Benefits

FLSmidth's EIMCO® Solids-Contact Reactor-Clarifier™ units are designed and built to provide the most economical solution to precipitation and clarification requirements in industrial and minerals processes. The basic machine design provides for flash mix, coagulation, flocculation, solids recirculation, clarification, and positive sludge removal in a single basin - eliminating the need for multiple tanks and associated piping and pumping. All units are backed by over 50 years experience in engineering and manufacturing assuring the best fit to unique plant requirements. Reactor-Clarifier™ units are used for softening, turbidity removal, and taste and odor removal applications.

EIMCO Reactor-Clarifier™ units combine a large diameter, slow speed concentric turbine generating high volume internal recirculation to promote mixing, flocculation and solids-contact. The recirculation system is designed to promote particle growth and improve the removal of suspended solids. Raw influent immediately contacts a large volume of dense floc from previously precipitated solids in the recirculation drum and is pumped upward by the turbine. Depending on the application, a volume of 8 to 20 times the maximum influent rate is recirculated by the turbine to mix with new incoming feed, while the final effluent passes under the reaction cone to the clarification zone. Heaviest particles settle to the floor where they are raked to the center for recirculation or discharge.

HRB - For mechanisms up to 150 feet in diameter, this mechanism is supported by a bridge which spans the tank.

HRC - For mechanisms from 50 to 200 feet diameter and larger, EIMCO HRC units are supported by a stationary center column, mounted to the tank bottom.

MRC - Utilize an oversized baffled feedwell and concentric turbine, where the flocculator configuration is specially suited for medium-strength to high-strength flocs, requiring high mixing intensity.