Dorr-Oliver CableTorq Thickeners/Clarifiers

Dorr-Oliver CableTorq Thickeners keeps rakes moving even through heavy sludge concentrations and high torque loads.

Cable Torq Thickener
  • CableTorq Thickeners Clarifiers

FLSmidth's Dorr-Oliver® CableTorq® or SwingLift thickeners and clarifiers have streamlined rake arms, pulled by cables, connected to a torque (or drive) arm that travels above the sludge. The rake arms are attached to a special double-axis hinge. The arms are able to rise automatically when heavy sludge concentrations occur. But because of the unique hinge, the arms continue to operate in two planes keeping the rake blades in perfect position for the most efficient raking and solids removal. CableTorq Machines automatically rides out high torque loads and keeps on raking.


  • Requires lower torque capacity
  • Automatically protects against overload due to lifting action
  • Blades maintain efficient raking angle
  • Keeps scraper blades in position in discharge cone or trench when arms are lifted
  • Rakes clear overload
  • Minimizes island formation
  • Allows temporary surges or shock loads in solids handling capacity
  • Torque arms are out of heavy mud zone
  • Pipe design of rake