Slurry X-ray Analysis

The PX-2100 on-stream analyzer provides elemental analysis of slurry, using energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF)

  • PX-2100
The PX-2100 slurry analyzer uses the latest in x-ray technology to provide a flexible analyzer system with minimal maintenance requirements. The analyzer uses a Si-PIN detector with a detection range of approximately 500 eV to 30 keV, which includes the primary emission lines from Oxygen to Xenon*.

The detector incorporates a thermoelectric cooler to maintain the detection surface at -30°C without using liquid nitrogen as required by many other systems. The low power x-ray tube (50W), requires only air cooling, so the water-based heat exchangers common in other online analyzers are not necessary. The PX-2100 slurry analyzer uses a thermoelectric cooler on the enclosure to maintain the temperature inside the analyzer.

The analyzer is housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, and includes a NEMA 4X-rated touchscreen for local display and control of the analyzer.

The PX-2100 slurry analyzer connects directly to plant information networks using either 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet. X-ray spectra, assay information, analyzer alarms and events are all stored in an internal Microsoft SQL Server database, which is accessible to other computers on your plant network. The unit can also be remotely controlled via networked or dial-up computers.

The PX-2100 slurry analyzer supports multiple streams via a multiplexer system. There is no practical limit to the number of streams supported by one PX-2100, the limit is in the sampling frequency required by the plant. In replacing other analyzers, the PX-2100 slurry analyzer works with existing multiplexers via its internal multiplexer control system. For new installations, a multiplexer system can be designed and fabricated for your plant.

Although the detector is capable of seeing x-ray events from lighter elements, the fluoresced x-rays from those elements are significantly reduced at the detector due to attenuation through air and the transmission efficiency of the sample cell and housing windows.


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