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In-process quality control covers both in-line, at-line and on-line installations. It is available for chemical material composition with XRF and PGNAA/PFTNAA, particle sizing (PSZ), carbon, sulphur, hydrogen and loss on ignition. It gives frequent and fast analyses and thereby it is ideal as input to high level process control systems such as the QCX/BlendExpert™ and ECS/ProcessExpert™.
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  • General Overview

FLSmidth developes and manufactures on-line analyzer equipment for cement and minerals plants.

On-line analysis technology (also referred to as ”on-stream”, ”in-line” or ”at line” has the advantage, that the analysers are placed in the material stream (or in the section of the material stream), thereby enabling the fastest possible response to variations in product quality. Errors due to sampling or sample preparation are eliminated or significantly reduced compared to conventional laboratory techniques.

The development of the equipment is a result of the extensive know-how from the process and also our customer’s requirements. As a result there is a wide range of highly effective on-line analysers specialized for use in the cement and minerals industries.

Examples of on-line solutions are:

  • XRF incl. powder preparation
  • Particle sizing via lazer
  • C&S combustion
  • Loss On Ignition
  • Free Lime


Analysers are equipped as a standard with:

  • Siemens PLC type S7 (on demand could be changed to Allen Bradley type)
  • Touch panel for user operation and diagnostic with Windows based operating environment (ECS/ControlCenter)
  • Interface for mechanical connection to the process (input and output hole with flange etc.)
  • Interface for electrical connection to the plant with possibility to select from:
  • Profibus DP
  • Ethernet


Possibility to operate in:

  • On-line mode
  • Off-line (manual) mode


Some of the analysers have independent add-on modules, which can be ordered as options.


At-line X-ray analysis solutions

Essa Sampling Systems

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